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Late Assignments

SIT Study Abroad programs integrate traditional classroom lectures and discussion with fieldbased experiences, site visits and debriefs. The curriculum is designed to build on itself and progress to the culmination (projects, ISP, case studies, internship, final retreat, etc.). It is critical that students complete assignments in a timely manner to continue to benefit from the sequences in assignments, reflections and experiences throughout the program.

Students may request a justified extension for one paper/assignment during the semester. Requests must be made in writing and at least 24 hours before the posted due date and time. If reason for request is accepted, an extension of up to one week may be granted at that time.
Any further requests for extensions will not be granted. Students who submit work within the allowable extension of the initial deadline may still receive a penalty of 10 percent applied to the grade achieved on the late assignment. Students who fail to submit the assignment within the extension period will receive an ‘F’ for the assignment.

Any student who feels that they may qualify for a disability accommodation should reach out to SIT Disability Services directly. Please note that accommodations at your home institution do not automatically transfer to SIT. Students should work with the SIT Disability Services staff to determine if an accommodation is possible. SIT disability accommodations are not retro-active.