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Quick links to billing-related forms

  • Transferable Funds Information Sheet. Students that are transferring financial aid from their home institution need to have their home financial aid office complete and fax this form to the SIT Student Accounts office.

Copies of these billing-related forms must be returned to SIT by email, fax or postal mail.

All students should read the following information carefully. Contact information for questions pertaining to billing is provided at the bottom of the page.

Billing arrangements

SIT Study Abroad maintains billing relationships with a large number of colleges and universities. Home colleges and universities determine the type of billing relationship, as well as policies for financial aid transfer. It is the student’s responsibility to determine the nature of the billing agreement either by contacting his or her home school directly or by calling SIT.

If the home college or university does not have a billing relationship with SIT Study Abroad, or if the relationship only covers a portion of the billable program fees, students will be responsible for ensuring that their accounts are settled before the program begins.

Transferring financial aid or other funds

The Transferable Funds Information Sheet is relevant only for students who are receiving aid from their home institutions; financial aid includes all student loans. This form must be completed by the home school and returned to us by fax (802.258.3540) or email by the appropriate date:

  • Fall term: July 1
  • Spring term: December 1

Note: Upon receiving this form, SIT enters the dollar amount of deferrable aid into My Application materials on Colleague Self-Service. However, a student will not see the decreased balance until the actual funds are received by SIT.

Students receiving aid through outside sources must provide SIT written documentation from that source. It must state the net amount of aid and the date of payment. Please deduct the total net amount of your aid from your bill. The remaining amount is due by the required date:

  • Fall term: July 15
  • Spring term: December 15

Consortium Agreements to be completed by SIT Study Abroad should be sent to [email protected] or faxed to 802.258.3296.

Financial aid and split billing

Some schools have established an agreement whereby SIT bills the school for tuition only. In these cases, called split billing, the student’s balance due to SIT Study Abroad/World Learning is for room and board, and the student’s financial aid will be used by the home school for their billing.

If you expect there to be a surplus of financial aid, and you want to use it to defer all or part of your balance due to SIT Study Abroad/World Learning, then you will need to have your home institution send information regarding the surplus. If this is the case, do not use the Transferable Funds Information Sheet; instead, please request that your school fax a letter to SIT stating the surplus amount, date of expected disbursement, and to whom it will be disbursed. This fax may be sent to 802.258.3540.

Students should double check with their home institution’s Financial Aid Office before departing the United States to ensure that all paperwork is complete. This will avoid delays if the school is missing the student’s signature on any loan documents.

Forms of payment

Credit card payments and convenience fee

The SIT Study Abroad/World Learning ordinary payment method is by check, but as a convenience, we offer the choice of credit card payments by Master Card, Visa or American Express. Please complete and return the upper portion of the invoice with your card details. You may also call with your credit card payment.


Checks should be made payable to World Learning and sent to the following address:

Courier Address:

School for International Training
Attn: Student Accounts
1 Kipling Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Postal Mailing Address:

School for International Training
Attn: Student Accounts
PO Box 676
Brattleboro, VT 05302-0676

All checks will be processed electronically. If you do not want us to process your check electronically, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Payment due dates:

All balances are due by:

  • Fall term: July 15
  • Spring term: December 15
  • Summer term: May 15


All questions related to billing should be directed to [email protected].

Sharon Berry, Accounts Receivable Manager
Phone: 802.258.3197
Fax: 802.258.3540
Email: [email protected]

James Parker, Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper
Phone: 802.258.3199
Fax: 802.258.3540
Email: [email protected]