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SIT programs are developed around a framework of the most critical global issues (CGIs) of the day. Our programs are interdisciplinary and appropriate for a variety of majors. Most programs address two CGIs within specific cultural and geographical contexts or comparatively across several countries and continents.

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Custom and Faculty Led Programs

SIT works with colleges and universities to develop international programs and strategies. We collaborate closely with you to design programs and initiatives that fit with your curriculum, desired learning outcomes, and specific academic goals.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Expert Faculty

SIT Study Abroad academic and program directors are experts in their fields. Most are based in the country of study and were born, raised, and/or educated there. All have deep local networks and connections with universities, NGOs, and community leaders.

Steve Wandiga, PhD
Academic Director, KENYA: Global Health and Human Rights • Academic Director, KENYA: Public Health in the Tropics Internship • Academic Director, KENYA: Virtual Swahili Language (All Levels)
Orli Fridman, PhD
Academic Director, SERBIA, BOSNIA, and KOSOVO: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans • Academic Director, SERBIA & KOSOVO: Virtual Internship in Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Memory Activism • Academic Director, SERBIA: Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Memory Activism Internship
Suman Pant, PhD
Academic Director, NEPAL: Development, Gender, and Social Change in the Himalaya • Academic Director, NEPAL: Intensive Nepali Language (Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced | Online) • Academic Director, NEPAL: Borders, Identity & Community Resilience • Academic Director, Nepal, IHP: HUMAN RIGHTS: Movements, Power, and Resistance
Alyson Dagang, PhD
Academic Director, PANAMA: Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation • Academic Director, PANAMA: Marine Ecology & Blue Carbon Conservation in the Pacific & Caribbean • Academic Director, PANAMA: Community and Nongovernmental Organizations Internship

Featured Published Student Works

“Field Observations and Physical‐Biogeochemical Modeling Suggest Low Silicon Affinity for Antarctic Fast Ice Diatoms”

JGR Oceans, Sept. 2019
2017 Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology

“The Community Influence of Sponge and Coral Aquaculture in Zanzibar”

University of Denver Undergraduate Research Journal
Fall 2019 Tanzania: Zanzibar Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management

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