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Being able to learn about the issues of gender and caste -- but also see its application in a real-life context -- put everything into perspective. The issues of public health in India are far more complex than meets the eye. Getting to learn about the ways in which traditional medicine complements allopathic medicine was phenomenal.

Chris Santos

New York University

India: Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Practices; 2018

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Competitive Student research

Cesarean Section and Natural Birth: The Opinions of Health Provinces in the Province of Buenos Aires

ISALUD Journal, 2017

Jacqueline Chipkin, Duke University

Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments

Climate Change Threatens Nomadic Life in Morocco

USA Today, 2017

Perry Demarche, University of Rochester

Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media

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A designed graphic that says "discover the new Columbia - Witness the renaissance of a country from the inside - SIT Study Abroad" The graphic has two woman with black hair and a yellow flower in one and a red flower in the others hair. They have what looks like painted faces around the eyes one has purple and the other has blue.

SIT is thrilled to launch a cutting-edge program that will allow you to explore peacebuilding in the gorgeous tropical port-city of Cartagena.