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SIT places the highest priority on the health, safety, and well-being of all students. The Office of Student Health, Safety, and Well-Being provides leadership and vision in the areas of health services, crisis management, counseling, housing, safety and security, equity and diversity, community standards, and disability support.

  • Counseling & Mental Health

    The cultural adjustment process on study abroad programs requires psychological flexibility in the face of different customs, beliefs, and living conditions. Students who are currently managing a mental health condition are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their health professional and/or the Student Health, Safety & Wellbeing staff at SIT Study Abroad. SIT’s health review process is designed to support students in making the safest and most reasonable choices regarding their mental health.

  • Accessibility Services

    SIT Accessibility Services works to facilitate an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities and to serve as a resource for all members of the academic community. Students with learning, physical, mental health, or other types of disabilities are encouraged to contact us as early as possible for information and support.

  • Student Conduct

    Students are required to comply with all SIT Study Abroad policies and procedures including program-specific policies and local codes of conduct. Behavior must be above reproach at all times and students are expected to take into consideration the values and norms of host communities, and the well-being of fellow students and program staff.

  • Social Identity

    SIT is committed to better understanding the global nuances of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We recognize that every individual has multiple social identities that affect our experiences in profound ways. SIT prioritizes having a truly diverse community of students and staff that work toward inclusion that centers voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups. We also recognize that the privilege and power ascribed to our identities in one context may be different in another.

  • Parents & Families

    Family members who need information or assistance should contact SIT Study Abroad in Vermont at +1-802-258-3366.