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Student Health


SIT Study Abroad has a team of trained Student Health, Safety, & Wellbeing managers available 24 hours a day to respond to potential threats to student safety and manage emergency situations.

Call: 802.258.3366

SIT Study Abroad is committed to the health and safety of all program participants. Through our years of experience, we have found that preparation, prevention, and communication are key to keeping students healthy and safe.

A health review will occur for all admitted students prior to departure. This process is outlined below.

Step 1: Personal Health History & Authorization Form (Part I). Students should self-disclosure any pertinent health information in this form. This form should be completed in your online application portal and submitted within two weeks of your offer of admission along with your other confirmation materials.

We strongly encourage students to fully disclose their health history so we can prepare them properly for their study abroad experience, make any necessary special arrangements, and in some cases assess whether there may be any health reasons why a student should consider another program.

Step 2: Health Report & Examination (Part II). This form is required for all students and should be completed by your medical provider. The form must be completed based on the results from your exam which should be conducted within 12 months prior to your program start date. Once completed, the form can be uploaded to your online portal, emailed to [email protected], or faxed directly by your provider to 802-258-3509.

Additional supplemental medical or mental health forms may be requested by the Student Health Office. If you have any significant medical or mental health history, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your treating provider as soon as possible to have the applicable supplemental form completed. If this applies to you, we also encourage you to contact our Student Health Office as early as possible to help us understand your needs and best support you in preparing for your program.

Please click here to download the full health form packet. The Health Report & Examination (Part II) form must be submitted by the following appropriate deadline: November 15 for spring semester, June 15 for fall semester, or April 15 for summer.

This information is kept confidential and provided to our in-country academic and program directors to assist them with planning for any serious medical conditions and to facilitate emergency healthcare needs that may arise during the program. A member of SIT’s staff may contact students to discuss program realities and to clarify expectations.

Please refer to your specific program’s Health, Access, & Identity tab for more information on what to expect related to managing your health and wellbeing abroad, and feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions.