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Student Health


SIT Study Abroad has a team of trained Student Affairs duty officers available 24 hours a day to respond to potential threats to student safety and manage emergency situations. 

Call: 802.258.3366

SIT Study Abroad is committed to the health and safety of all program participants. Through our years of experience, we have found that preparation, prevention, and communication are key to keeping students healthy and safe.

Prior to departure, students must submit an SIT Study Abroad health form to be reviewed by the SIT Health Review Committee. All questions must be answered, and materials must be submitted by the corresponding deadlines (November 15 for spring semester, June 15 for fall semester, or April 15 for summer).

We strongly encourage students to fully disclose their health history so we can prepare them properly for their study abroad experience, make any necessary special arrangements, and in some cases assess whether there may be any health reasons why a student should consider another program.

This information is kept confidential and provided to our in-country academic and program directors to assist them with planning for any serious medical conditions and to facilitate emergency healthcare needs that may arise during the program. A member of SIT’s staff may contact students to discuss program realities and to clarify expectations. Please note that failure to disclose complete and accurate information on the health form may result in dismissal from the program.

Prior to the start of each program, SIT Study Abroad provides information to students for maintaining good health while on the program. Students receive country-specific health guidelines, including required and recommended immunizations as specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you are currently taking prescription medications, please bring a full supply of all medications with you to last the duration of the program. Some medications are not available locally. If you require a letter for your insurance company to support your request for a full semester’s supply of a prescribed medication, please contact SIT Student Health at [email protected].

Special Diets

SIT Study Abroad provides experiential learning opportunities where students become embedded in their host community. As such, we strive to accommodate serious food allergies and medically mandated diets where possible but simply cannot ensure that all dietary restrictions or non-medically mandated diets can be accommodated.

Students are encouraged to participate in the local food culture as a central aspect of daily life. By trying to replicate your diet at home you may miss out on an important part of your host culture. Due to the unique living and learning community central to all SIT programs, we cannot separate food and eating communally (including with your host family) from the program experience. Please consider local diet seriously when selecting your program of choice. The Student Affairs team and your admissions counselor are great resources in better understanding the local diet.

Students with medically mandated special dietary needs have been accommodated on many SIT programs, including those with religious-based diets, nut allergies, celiac disease, and/or diabetes. It is important to include this information in your health forms. Please note that SIT may determine that another SIT program is better able to meet your medically mandated dietary needs and will discuss these options with you.