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Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

SIT Study Abroad is committed to increasing access to international education and to ensuring you have the information you need to successfully access funding for your study abroad program with us. SIT has awarded an average of over $1.3 million in scholarships and grants to SIT Study Abroad students in the past three years. We encourage all qualified students to apply for our need-based study abroad scholarships.

Please note that SIT scholarships are available only for students applying to an SIT Study Abroad program. See list of all SIT programs.

Special note regarding SIT Study Abroad short-term programs: SIT scholarships are not available for online courses or virtual internships.

We offer a broad range of study abroad scholarships and grants, including our award-winning Pell Grant Match. Semester scholarship awards generally range from $500 to $5,000, and summer awards typically range from $500 to $3,000.

Our students finance their study abroad programs through a variety of resources, including:

  • SIT Study Abroad scholarships and grants
  • Financial aid from their home colleges and universities
  • Private foundations and organizations
  • Personal and family funds

Our Scholarship Office is available to provide guidance on funding your program.

Scholarship Deadlines

  • April 1 for summer programs
  • May 15 for fall programs – June 1 extended deadline for fall 2024 only
  • November 1 for spring programs

Your study abroad scholarship application is created when you select your interest in SIT need-based scholarships when asked in the drop-down section of your SIT Study Abroad program application. Your application is then reviewed separately, on a rolling basis, when complete.

  1. Once your scholarship application is started, you will be asked to provide SIT with the name and email address of a financial aid counselor at your home institution, or the general email address of your financial aid office. This is very important as it allows SIT to consider any financial aid that may be available from your home institution when reviewing your scholarship application.
  2. Add SIT’s school code (008860) to your FAFSA form
  3. Your scholarship application is complete and ready for review when SIT has your FAFSA and the financial aid information from your home institution. Confirm receipt of all required financial aid information with the SIT Study Abroad Scholarship Office ([email protected] or 802.258.3503).
  4. If you do not receive an award decision notification from SIT before the billing due date, please know that your scholarship application was not complete.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid package at your home college or university may be transferrable to pay some or all of the costs associated with your SIT Study Abroad program.

If you have questions, please contact:

SIT Study Abroad Scholarships Office
Tel: 888.272.7881 (toll-free in US)
Email: [email protected]