Applying for SIT Study Abroad Scholarships

The SIT Study Abroad scholarship application process has been fully integrated into our online program application.

After ticking the scholarship box in the program application, please complete the following steps:

  • Provide us with the name and email address of a financial aid officer at your home school.
  • Electronically sign and date the FERPA release included as part of the application process. The financial aid officer at your school will be emailed a link to a secure web form where s/he will provide information about your financial aid at your home school.

US citizens or permanent residents: If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you must also complete a FAFSA. If you are applying for a spring 2020 program, please complete the 2019–2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). SIT’s federal school code is 008860.

International students: If you are an international student, you are eligible for SIT Study Abroad scholarships but ineligible for US federal student aid. Therefore, you do not need to complete a FAFSA. During the application process, a web-based questionnaire will be emailed to the parent/guardian whose email address you give us. If this individual does not speak English, you may need to assist her/him in completing this form.



  • April 1 for summer programs 
  • May 15 for fall programs 
  • November 1 for spring programs

Your scholarship application is created when you tick the scholarship box as part of your SIT Study Abroad program application. It is then reviewed separately, on a rolling basis, when complete.

  1. Once your scholarship application is started, you will be asked to provide SIT with the name and email address of a financial aid counselor at your home institution. This is very important as it allows SIT to consider any financial aid that may be available from your home institution when reviewing your scholarship application.
  2. Add SIT’s school code (008860) to your FAFSA form
  3. Your scholarship application is complete and ready for review when SIT has your FAFSA and the financial aid information from your home institution. Confirm receipt of all required financial aid information with the SIT Study Abroad financial aid coordinator ( or 802.258.3503).
  4. If you do not receive an award decision notification from SIT before the billing due date, please know that your scholarship application was not complete.

If you have questions, please contact:

Diane Robinson, MEd
Manager of Financial Aid
Tel: 802.258.3503
Tel: 888.272.7881 (toll-free in US)
Fax: 802.258.3296