Summer Programs

Take Advantage of Your Summer.

Enroll in an SIT undergraduate summer abroad program to ad­vance your knowledge of a language, global issue, and/or professional field while earning between four and up to nine academic credits.

  • SIT’s accredited international programs focus address today’s more critical global issues. You’ll acquire new perspectives on fields of study such as health, post-conflict transformation, diplomacy, conservation, marine ecology, the arts, and education.
  • Choose to gain new language proficiency. Complete an intensive Arabic language immersion program or a program with credit-bearing coursework in Spanish, French, Chinese, Malagasy, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, or Icelandic.
  • Advance your career trajectory with five-week internships that give you hands-on field experience in professional areas such as global health, sustainability, development, and social services.
Summer Programs at a Glance
  • Range in duration from six to seven weeks
  • Opportunity to earn undergraduate credit and, in some cases, graduate credit
  • Course content focused on diverse topics
  • Small student groups
  • Cultural immersion and a field-based, experiential approach
  • Access to SIT’s extensive local resources and networks
  • Program evaluation and reentry preparation
  • Commitment to reciprocity and diversity