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Thank you for enrolling in an SIT Study Abroad program. You are about to embark on an exceptional experience abroad. Your program has a set of predeparture documents to help you prepare to go abroad. Please read all materials carefully and share them with others. If you have questions, please consult your SIT Study Abroad admissions counselor for more information.

  • Registrar's Office

    The Registrar’s Office maintains enrollment records, including academic transcripts, and handles registration, grade processing school, and certification of student enrollment.

    Registrar's Office
  • Student Resources

    Access E-Reserves, Mango Languages, and the Donald B. Watt Library 24/7! SIT librarians can help you narrow your topic, locate research material, and cite your sources. The library collection includes both print and digital resources.

    Student Resources
  • Canvas: Online Learning

    Canvas is SITOnline’s learning management system. Access Canvas to review online courses and other online learning resources. Learn more about Canvas here.

  • Alumni

    Studying abroad as an undergraduate student with SIT is just the beginning of lifelong engagement with a global network of contacts, resources, and opportunities. SIT alumni join a worldwide community of students and participants from the entire family of World Learning Inc.

  • Withdrawal & Cancellation

    Withdrawal occurs when a student withdraws from the program for any reason other than for disciplinary actions. Notification of withdrawal from an SIT Study Abroad program must be submitted in writing. SIT reserves the right to terminate or alter a program at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. Refunds are made according to the Withdrawal Refund Procedures section.

  • Online Store

    We invite you to explore our storefront and showcase your place in our mission.