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Social Identity


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We all have multiple social identities (i.e. race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class) that intersect and affect our lived experiences in profound ways. SIT prioritizes having a truly diverse community of students and staff that works toward real inclusion in which the voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups are centered.

We recognize that the privilege and power ascribed to our identities in one context may be quite different in another. This requires SIT students to anticipate potentially significant shifts in how they are perceived and treated based on their social identities in their program country. Some students might be perceived as “privileged Americans” for the first time. For others, the experience of being remarked on or treated with suspicion in the US may be less, or even more pervasive, in the program location. For all students, it is critical to learn the local realities and histories of oppression in their host country before assuming that the same US dynamics are at play. SIT staff are committed to supporting students through these often confusing dynamics and ensuring our programs prioritize inclusion and social justice and the opportunity to understand these critical issues in the global context.