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SIT Study Abroad has a team of trained Student Health, Safety, & Wellbeing managers available 24 hours a day to respond to potential threats to student safety and manage emergency situations.

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Every study abroad student will have different considerations and concerns when preparing for a semester abroad with SIT depending on your multiple identities and lived experiences. We all have different relationships to power and privilege in the United States based on our race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, ability/disability, sexual orientation, and immigration status. When we go abroad, these power dynamics often look and feel very different—in some cases they might be a huge shift from what we are used to experiencing. While studying abroad opens students up to so many new possibilities, ways of thinking, and ways of living, it can also be a grim reminder that oppression and injustice—and the frustrating stereotypes that accompany them—exist in every part of the world.

This resource guide aims to provide students with some context that may help navigate dynamics related to identity and oppression while traveling abroad. When possible, we provide local information in our various program regions pertaining to inclusion and social justice that might also be useful. This is a living document.

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