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Thank you for your interest in SIT Study Abroad ! We are delighted that you and your family are considering one of our immersive, field-based programs.

We also understand that you may have funding and cost questions and may want more details about SIT scholarships and financial aid.

Note that these FAQ may not all apply to our online/virtual programs. SIT is not able to offer scholarships for online/virtual programs at this time.

What is Included in SIT Study Abroad Tuition, Room and Board Costs?

SIT Study Abroad program fees include all courses, educational excursions, health insurance, and full room and board (all meals and accommodation) for the entire program period. Fees and additional expenses are based on all known circumstances at the time of calculation. Due to the unique nature of our programs and the economics of host countries, SIT reserves the right to change its fees or additional expenses without notice.

In order to make study abroad more accessible, SIT’s partner colleges and universities may charge home school tuition fees for their students participating on an SIT Study Abroad program. If your institution has an agreement with SIT and charges fees different from those assessed by SIT, please contact your study abroad advisor for more details. The SIT published price is the cost to direct enroll in the SIT program. Tuition fees may vary for students based on your home college’s or university’s billing policies with SIT.  

What Additional Costs Should my Student Expect?

Budgeting varies for each student. Costs not built into tuition/room/board will likely include: international travel to and from the program location, books, personal spending, visa, immunization and passport fees. Costs related to additional travel during the Independent Study component of some programs may be extra. 

Specific and estimated program costs can be found here: Program Costs – SIT Study Abroad

Are Scholarships Available through SIT Study Abroad?

Yes. SIT Study Abroad offers need-based scholarships for our semester and summer immersive programs abroad to qualified students. Information on the SIT Scholarships, including how to apply is available on our scholarship page.

If my Student is Awarded an SIT Need-Based Scholarship, How Does it Apply?

SIT Study Abroad scholarships and grants are only applicable to tuition and room/board fees billed by SIT Study Abroad. We do not award scholarships or grants to cover any other expenses, including, but not limited to, immunizations, visa fees, books, or study abroad fees charged by your student’s home school. If your student’s home school has an established billing agreement with us, it is their responsibility to communicate with their home school as to whether their SIT scholarship or grant will be passed on to them by their home school. If your student is the recipient of a scholarship or grant from us, it will automatically be applied to their bill (this does not apply to scholarship applications received after the application deadline) before it is sent out. SIT Study Abroad does not disburse scholarships or grants in the form of cash, checks, electronic transfers, or other means.

Can my Student’s Home School Financial Aid Be Used for SIT Study Abroad?

The financial aid package, including Federal or state loans and grants or institutional aid used at your student’shome college or university may be transferrable to pay some or all of the costs associated with the SIT Study Abroad program. This, however, is not always the case. Your student will want to check the policies at their home school to confirm the transferable aid policies.  SIT may ask your student to submit a transferable funds form, if this is allowed.

My Student Has an Outside Scholarship from a Foundation or Organization. Can it be Used for SIT Study Abroad?

This depends. You and/or your student will want to check directly with the foundation or organization to determine specific rules and parameters concerning studying abroad. The home school will also be involved with how this works.

Does SIT Study Abroad Have a Payment Plan Option?

Yes, for details, please contact the SIT Student Accounts Office – [email protected] and indicate that you are interested in a payment plan.

Will a 529 College Savings Plan Work for SIT Study Abroad?

Yes, SIT has a Department of Education school code (008860) listed as SIT Graduate Institute – and can accept 529 funds.

Am I Allowed Access to my Student’s SIT Scholarship Information?

SIT Study Abroad is committed to student privacy and that SIT is legally bound by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Dependent Student: Generally, if either parent has claimed their student as a dependent on their most recent U.S. income tax statement, the school may non-consensually disclose the student’s education records to both parents.

Independent Student:  If your student is considered to be an “independent student” as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, SIT Study Abroad is obliged to request that your student contact SIT in order to obtain a FERPA permission release form before we are allowed to share scholarship and financial aid information with you. 

With Whom Can I Discuss Financial Aid & Scholarships for my Student? 

Please email [email protected].