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Pell Grant Match

The Federal Pell Grant Program provides support to undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. At SIT Study Abroad, we are dedicated to breaking down financial barriers and enabling diverse students, particularly those facing economic hardship, to engage in international learning experiences. Our commitment is evident through our Pell Grant Match program, which matches up to $2,500 for semester term students and up to $1,000 for summer term students who receive Federal Pell Grant funding at their home colleges and universities. This initiative empowers students with financial need to engage in transformative experiences abroad, regardless of economic constraints. To benefit from this opportunity, eligible students simply need to complete the scholarship section of their admissions application.

How to receive the SIT Pell Grant Match Award

  1. Please begin by clicking the scholarship box and completing the scholarship section of your program application.
    • Electronically sign the Consent to Release Student Information Form (FERPA).
    • Provide SIT with the name and email address of a financial aid officer at your home school
  2. SIT Study Abroad will then send a link to a web-based form to the indicated financial aid officer at your home school.
  3. As part of your scholarship application, you will also want to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) per the scholarship instructions. Add the SIT School Code: 008860 to your existing FAFSA. Please do not eliminate the existing School Code for your home school.
  4. Once the indicated financial aid officer completes the SIT Study Abroad web-based Financial Assessment Form with proof of your Pell Grant and your FAFSA is received, SIT Study Abroad will match the amount of the Pell Grant dollar for dollar for that semester’s program. You will also be reviewed for additional scholarships, if eligible.

Special Note for Summer Program Students: The Pell Grant Match is available for students who are eligible for summer term Pell Grants as verified by the home school’s financial aid office. It is possible that students receiving special SIT scholarships and who are using their Pell Grant for a summer program may receive a partial match award.