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Credit Hours

The semester credit hour is the unit of measurement of academic work at SIT. The number of credit hours assigned to a course is one way to measure the learning outcomes expected, the mode of instruction used, and the amount of time expected for both outside preparatory and in-class work in order for a student to successfully complete the course.

The SIT standard is 1 credit hour = no less than 45 hours of coursework. The calculation is based on the standard 50-minute academic hour. The number of credits each course carries determines how many total hours each course involves in a semester.

For face-to-face courses, this is usually calculated as, for each hour spent in classroom activities or direct faculty instruction, students will spend two hours outside of class. For example, for one academic credit, students will spend approximately 15 hours in face-to-face, classroom- based instruction and approximately 30 hours completing additional coursework.