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Attendance & Participation

Due to the nature of SIT Study Abroad programs, and the importance of student and instructor contributions in each and every class session, attendance at all classes and for all program excursions is required. Criteria for evaluation of student performance include attendance and participation in program activities. Students must fully participate in all program components and courses. Students may not voluntarily opt out of required program activities. Valid reasons for absence – such as illness – must be discussed in advance with the academic director or other designated staff person. All absences impact academic performance, may impact grades, and could result in dismissal from the program.

Intercultural living and learning can be exhausting and stressful. Functioning in an environment where the trivial things are different, trip us up or result in confusion can cause students to feel tired and lonely or ill. We understand that students can be subject to more illness in the abroad experience than they typically would at home. We also understand the importance of self-care in nurturing one’s own resiliency.

At the same time, we are delivering intense experiential academic programs that require participation in every aspect of the program. Significant learning happens outside the classroom – during long bus rides, a shared meal, visiting an important local monument or natural or cultural phenomenon, etc. As such students are required to be present and engaged during these pieces of the program as well. Absence from any program itinerary activity (classroom based or otherwise) is considered an absence and will be treated as such. Absences are limited each semester after which point the academic director will assess whether repeated absences hinder the student’s achievement of the learning objectives of the program and will recommend the appropriate measures to take including probation and dismissal. Granting exceptions due to severe illness, hospitalization, traumatic event, etc. remains at the discretion of the Academic or Program Director.