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Health Review

SIT Study Abroad’s health review process allows our medical staff to determine whether a student has any health issues that may require support in a particular program setting. Full and timely disclosure of any medical or mental health issues or special student needs is required and helps SIT Study Abroad assist students to have the best possible program experience.

All students must submit a complete SIT Study Abroad health form by the stated deadline. Please note that SIT Study Abroad does not accept health forms completed by a relative. The information contained in the health form is not used in the admissions process, and documented health issues do not necessarily preclude acceptance. Each student’s health information must be cleared by our medical staff in order for a student to participate in the program.

All students are fully expected to disclose their medical history so that we can properly prepare them for their experience, make arrangements for any special accommodations if necessary, and in some cases assess whether there may be any medical reasons that a student should consider another program. Failure to disclose complete and accurate information on the health form will result in denial to participate prior to the program or dismissal from the program. Health information will be kept confidential and will be provided to our academic director/program director in country to be accessed in case of an emergency. If our medical staff has any questions about a completed health form, a Student Affairs staff member will be in touch to request further information.

We require that all students participating on SIT Study Abroad programs show medical and mental health stability for no less than six months prior to the program’s start date.