Grades will be given in accordance with the system below.
A 4.0 or 94-100
A- 3.7 or 90-93
B+ 3.3 or 87-89
B 3.0 or 84-86
B – 2.7 or 80-83
C+ 2.3 or 77-79
C 2.0 or 74-76
C- 1.7 or 70-73
D+ 1.3 or 67-69
D 1.0 or 64-66
F 0.0 or below 64
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal (student initiated)
AW Administrative withdrawal
NR No grade received from instructor

*Note: SIT does not award an A+ grade

Credit/No Credit are not options. Other than letter grades, only I (incomplete), W (withdrawal), or AW (administrative withdrawal) will be submitted, as explained below. Program-specific grading policies and criteria for A-B-C-D-Fail will be shared with students during orientation.

Phase One
A student seeking a grade change must first, within 60 days of the posting of the grade, write a formal grade appeal letter directed to their academic director or program director, or Graduate Institute faculty (henceforth all referred to as faculty), providing any supporting documents for the grade appeal. In considering the appeal, the faculty relies on the materials and information the student submitted. The faculty may also consult with appropriate in-country faculty, reevaluate work that may have remained in country, and any other documentation relevant to the specific course(s) being appealed. Within 30 days of receipt of the appeal letter, the faculty must send a written response to the student. If the grade has been changed the faculty submits a grade change form to the SIT registrar. (For Standard Procedures Manual only – the AD/PD/ or Faculty/Chair will send a copy of the decision letter to their dean, and the grade change form if necessary.)

Phase Two
If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the first phase and wants to proceed further, they must submit a second appeal letter, in writing within 30 days, to the appropriate academic dean. This second appeal letter must include all relevant materials, documentation, and information. The faculty is also asked to provide documentation. The academic dean then gathers all the documentation and forwards all documents to a SIT Academic Review Board which is comprised of one academic dean and two relevant faculty who are not in any way connected to the case. The Academic Review Board will decide on the appeal and their decision will be communicated to the student by the academic dean within 30 days after receiving the appeal letter and documentation. The academic dean will also communicate with the faculty and the registrar, in case of a grade change.

Phase Three
Should the student want to appeal the Academic Review Board’s decision they must send a third appeal letter to SIT’s Chief Academic Officer, with a copy to the academic dean. This must be done within 30 days of receipt of the Academic Review Board’s decision. This appeal must be based only on the evidence and rationale previously considered by the SIT Academic Review Board. The Chief Academic Officer will review the official record of these proceedings. The Chief Academic Officer’s decision is final, and they will notify the involved individuals within 30 days of receipt of the student’s final appeal. If the student’s appeal results in a change to the academic record, the SIT registrar will update on the Web Advisor and will forward an updated transcript to the student’s school of record.

All course requirements are due on the dates set by instructors in the course syllabi unless prior arrangements are made. In the even to of an illness or other extenuating circumstances (such as a family emergency), a grade of incomplete (I) will be awarded only if the student has been in communication and made arrangements with the academic director and this grade is confirmed in writing by the academic director at least one week prior to the end of the term or at the beginning of the program’s evaluation period. At the time of grade submission, the academic director will provide the SIT Registrar with the Report of Incomplete Grade form that outlines the agreement made between the student and the academic director. A new due date for materials is arranged between the student and the academic director and may not exceed 60 days after the last day of the term. The academic director is responsible for the submission of a final grade to the SIT Registrar within 30 days. If the Registrar does not receive a final grade within 90 days of the term end, the Incomplete will change to an “F”.