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We encourage students and study abroad advisors to use the website to find the most up-to-date information about program curriculum and itinerary.

  • Advisor Login
  • View all SIT Study Abroad programs – Individual program web pages contain syllabi, faculty bios, and other up-to-date programmatic information.
  • Program dates and availability – SIT Study Abroad has a rolling admissions process, with opening and closing dates for application submission.
  • Program costs
  • Scholarships and grants – SIT awards more than $1 million in scholarships annually.
  • Confirmation materials – Once a student is offered admission to an SIT Study Abroad program, they must complete several additional forms and send a deposit to confirm their space in the program.
  • Pre-departure documents – Includes information on visas, health and safety, packing, reading assignments and resources, international travel to and from the program base, and the student handbook.

Admissions Process
The admissions committee at SIT strives to select students who will be the best possible match for a program. All applicants should be advised to submit strong academic references and demonstrate a consistent academic record, clear motivation to study abroad, solid reasoning for their program choice, and an understanding of the program model.

Students are encouraged to meet with their college or university study abroad advisors, academic advisors, and faculty to assist in program selection and preparation.

SIT Study Abroad has a rolling admission process. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis between the opening and closing dates of an application cycle. Many programs fill long before the published closing dates, and we encourage students to complete their applications early.

Read more about the admissions process and when to apply.

Affiliation and Billing Agreements
In order to formalize relationships with individual schools, SIT strongly encourages the creation of an affiliation agreement. The agreement is tailored to the needs of the home institution, creates an official billing arrangement, and identifies the institution’s approved SIT programs. If you are interested in pursuing an affiliation agreement, contact Karen Kray ([email protected]).

Customized Application Instructions
SIT understands that our partner schools may have internal application procedures for studying abroad. SIT can add customized messaging to our online application page so that when students from your school apply to an SIT program, they will be directed to your study abroad office or receive important messages related to your policies. Contact your university relations manager for more information.

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