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Life After Study Abroad

Our child was deeply influenced by her SIT immersion program in Madagascar. Shenna was recently accepted into an osteopathic medical school, a trajectory almost completely driven by her SIT experience. The holistic approach to patient care she witnessed there and her desire to reach out and learn from diversity helped her to focus and persevere toward a medical career.

Jayne Bannish

Your student’s experience with SIT may mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life. It’s likely the transition back home will offer new opportunities and challenges. Some students become deeply engaged through the immersive nature of SIT programs and experience a sort of “reverse culture shock” when they return home.

There are many ways for your student to incorporate their experiences after the program ends, including thesis or other academic writing based on research they did with SIT; building on their internship experience with new employment or internship opportunities; adding SIT experience to applications for graduate school; and discussing the program and its themes in their home communities, at schools, and with other students interested in studying abroad.

Your student will become part of SIT’s worldwide network of more than 125,000 alumni, in addition to other individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship. You and your student can stay connected through SIT social networks, program newsletters, and events.