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Semester Study Abroad Programs

SIT Study Abroad offers accredited undergraduate semester study abroad programs on all seven continents, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. Search programs by location, language, issue area, or term.

Semester Study Abroad Program Highlights

Advance your knowledge of a specific critical global issue such as global health, migration, social change, human rights, education, arts and media, and sustainable development

Earn 16 or 17 credits upon successful completion of a semester program

Gain new language proficiency. From Afrikaans to Wolof, SIT programs offer classes in and exposure to more than 25 languages.

Learn how to conduct undergraduate field research abroad. SIT semester programs strongly emphasize field-based undergraduate research. SIT faculty and staff provide you with relevant coursework instruction, field experience, and guidance so you’ll be able to complete a major undergraduate research project that can serve as a springboard for future achievements such as senior theses or Fulbright proposals.

Live with local host families in both urban and rural settings to acquire diverse and meaningful vantage points within your host country

Study with a small group of students on each program while being supported by SIT faculty and staff, homestay families, in-country experts, and community members

With SIT, I was not only able to tailor my academic focus throughout the program but also conduct in-depth research on a subject of my choosing.

Dena Seabrook, University of Washington, 
Nepal: Development and Social Change
SIT Semester Study Abroad Programs at a Glance
  • Fifteen- to 16-week duration
  • Opportunity to earn 16 or 17 undergraduate credits
  • Course content focused on critical global issues
  • Immersive language learning opportunities*
  • A field-based, experiential approach
  • Undergraduate independent research project*
  • Small student groups*
  • Access to SIT’s extensive local resources and networks
  • Program evaluation and reentry preparation
  • Commitment to reciprocity and diversity

    *Items with an asterisk vary on IHP Programs. Learn more about IHP programs here.

Programs in Jordan include excursions to Europe.
Programs in the Netherlands and Switzerland include excursions to North Africa and the Middle East.