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Select a language below for a list of the SIT program(s) in which you can learn or advance your knowledge of a language. Please note that any program that includes one or more of the languages you have chosen will appear in the search results. 

SIT Online language courses offer an optional three weeks abroad (J-term) for college undergraduates who wish to extend their experience. Visit program pages for more information.


Students on most SIT programs have the opportunity to study foreign language abroad. Many SIT programs offer language study at intermediate and advanced levels. Other programs offer beginning instruction in a less commonly taught language spoken by the local community. Students experience language immersion through homestays and interactions with community members.

SIT deeply values less commonly taught languages spoken by local communities, in addition to the official language(s) of the host country.

I was drawn to SIT Morocco because of the heavy concentration on language. Today, my Arabic is polished, professional, and competent, which has opened many doors.

Asil Yassine, Austin College, Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights