SIT offers 30 undergraduate study abroad programs that travel to multiple countries. Each multi-country program gives you the opportunity to examine a critical global issue from a comparative perspective.

Multi-country programs come in different formats. Programs travel to two to four different locations and are available in both summer and semester formats. Some programs divide the semester evenly between sites, allowing you to spend four to five weeks in each of three different countries. Some programs spend the majority of the semester in one country with one or more excursions to another country, allowing you to spend three months being immersed in the cultures of your host country. The choice is yours.

International Honors Programs (IHP) begin in the US and spend one month in each of three other countries, on three continents, each semester, giving you a comparative look at a critical global issue. These programs emphasize the multidisciplinary analysis of issues and integrates experience-based learning throughout the semester, culminating in a comparative research project on a topic of your own choosing.

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IHP Programs


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