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Comparative Multi-Country Programs since 1959

Most International Honors Programs (IHP) begin with two weeks in the United States before moving on to spend four to five weeks in each of three countries on different continents. Students gain a comparative look at a critical global issue such as health, human rights, climate change, cities, food systems, or geopolitics. By analyzing issues and systems from a local to global scale, students begin to understand the complexities and challenges of addressing these issues. These academically rigorous programs integrate experience-based learning through 30+ site visits during the semester. Program cohorts comprise 15 to 30 students, and daily program schedules run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Explore a day in the life of an IHP student!

  • Social Identity

    SIT is committed to better understanding the global nuances of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We recognize that every individual has multiple social identities that affect our experiences in profound ways.

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  • Program Dates & Availability

    SIT Study Abroad has rolling admissions. Programs can fill before the closing date, and at different rates. You can use the filters on this website to find terms that are currently open.

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  • Contact a Former Student

    SIT Alumni love talking about their experiences. They are outstanding resources for students considering studying abroad, newly enrolled students, and those already in-country.

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  • Academic Rigor

    The IHP curriculum is intensive and includes four courses taught by academics and field specialists, augmented by site visits and research. Program cohorts comprise 15 to 30 students, traveling and local faculty and staff, and traveling Fellow to support student safety and well-being.

    During the semester abroad, students also have a chance to explore their host countries and forge deep connections with local cultures through homestays, a cornerstone of IHP and SIT programs that allows students to experience authentic cultural immersion by living with local families.

  • Future Leaders

    Through this life-changing semester, students learn to question their own worldview and challenge their biases and assumptions while learning in community. They also learn to critically examine and interrogate systems of power, consider alternatives, and envision change.

    IHP students join a worldwide alumni network of academics, leaders, activists, and changemakers, many of whom support current students and new alumni through resume-building internships and other opportunities. SIT and IHP staff members are pleased to facilitate connections between alumni.