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Gain professional experience interning abroad with SIT.

panelist with studentInternships are an increasingly important part of preparation for life after college. You may choose to complete a 4- to 6-week internship abroad for academic credit on select SIT Study Abroad programs. You will gain valuable work experience and enhance your professional skillset in an international work environment, drawing on the wide network of community organizations, activists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics connected to SIT programs.

What can an internship with SIT provide?

  • Meaningful exposure to real-world, on-the-ground work experience related to your program’s theme
  • Access to international contacts and networks working in a specific professional field
  • Skills you need to flourish in a diverse and multinational work environment

Will the internship be for academic credit?

Yes. You will earn credits upon successful completion of the internship and related coursework requirements. SIT semester programs offer a total of either 16 or 17 credits.

Will the internship be a program requirement?

The internship is a course option; you may choose between an internship and an Independent Study Project (ISP).

What else is important to know about SIT’s internships?

The internship will be hands-on and reflective. In addition to completing an internship, you will also submit a paper processing your learning experience on the job and analyzing an issue important to the organization, and/or you will design a socially responsible solution to a problem identified by the organization. The focus will be on linking internship learning with the SIT program’s broader critical global issue focus and overall theme.

Programs Offering Internships

Climate | Environment

Development | Economy | Inequality

Global Health

Media | Arts | Social Change

Migration | Identity | Resilience

Peace | Human Rights | Social Movements



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