Not Your Ordinary Internship

NetherlandsFind your place in the world: SIT offers 4- to 6-week, for-credit internships abroad in approximately 30 locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and has broad networks in nonprofit, private, and government sectors. Whatever your interests and goals, we have the right internship for you.

You’ll get real-world, on-the-ground work experience. You’ll enhance your skills in an international work setting and become part of the wide network of community organizations, activists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics connected to SIT programs.

Build your résumé

Get a head start on your career. Gain hands-on experience, develop new skills, and start building a global professional network.

Put your learning into practice

VietnamSIT internships connect with a critical global issue. You will examine an issue through coursework and excursions; then you’ll do real-world work in that area.

Reflect on your experience

You’ll have reflective discussions throughout your internship to gain a deeper understanding of local realities and diverse worldviews.

Give back

An internship lets you give back to your host community by doing work that benefits the people who have shared so much with you.

Will I receive academic credit for my internship?

ChileYes. You will earn credits upon successful completion of the internship and related coursework. SIT semester programs offer 16 or 17 credits.

Is an internship a program requirement?

The internship is a course option; you may choose an internship or an Independent Study Project (ISP).

What else is important to know about SIT’s internships?

Our internships are hands-on and reflective. In addition to completing the internship, you will write about your learning experience on the job and analyze an issue important to the organization; you may also design a socially responsible solution to a problem identified by the organization. You’ll focus on linking internship learning with the SIT program’s broader critical global issue and theme.

This internship was a turning point in my life. It gave me insights into how an international aid NGO operates and the complexities of the organization. I was able to find my niche in the international aid world and use my skills to assist in many diverse projects.

Abigail Pelon, St. Michael’s College

World VisionSIT Program: Uganda: Development Studies
Internship: World Vision Uganda

I was lucky enough to be able to participate and contribute to all areas of Seed of Hope’s work, including skills training programs, child and youth development, health and community care programs, and even shadow administration, learning nonprofit management skills. The experience positively contributed to my learning, as it truly put the issues learned about in the classroom into perspective. The internship greatly benefitted my studies in international development and peace studies and has expanded my dream of one day starting a nonprofit organization of my own.

Tanner Wilson, Nazarene University

SIT Program: South Africa: Social and Political Transformation
Internship: Seed of Hope

It wasn’t until the internship that I felt fully integrated into Cameroonian society by doing something as empowering as getting up in the morning to go to work every day. At ANICHRA, I planned and facilitated a youth leadership workshop, which allowed me to engage with my Cameroonian peers and solicit their insights and perspectives. I learned so much about Cameroonian culture and society through my internship.

Justina Ramlakhan, Wheaton College

CameroonSIT Program: Cameroon: Development and Social Change
Internship: The African Network Against Illiteracy Conflict and Human Rights Abuse (ANICHRA)

Programs Offering Internships

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