SIT has been providing immersive, field-based study abroad programs for undergraduates for more than 50 years. SIT offers more than 70 programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. In addition to its rich history, SIT Study Abroad has a number of unique qualities that make it an ideal choice for an extraordinary, transformative study abroad experience.

Extensive Networks of In-Country Experts

On SIT programs, students learn from local experts: academics, activists, businessmen and -women, artists, community leaders, and government officials. This access to local perspectives and knowledge gives students a greater understanding of the issues and innovations within their host communities.

Immersive Experiences

SIT programs immerse students deeply in their host country. Every day, students have multiple opportunities to engage with their surroundings and host communities. From studying a local language to eating and learning to prepare local cuisine, from visiting important cultural sites to living with a local host family, the options for immersion are endless.

Field-Based Study

SIT programs are based on the experiential learning model. Programs combine classroom study with hands-on work in the field. This allows students to learn directly from local experts, witness local initiatives firsthand, and gain valuable experience.

A Commitment to Reciprocity

Just as SIT students gain something from the expertise of individuals within their host country, they are also able, through their SIT program, to give something back to their host communities. Past students have written bilingual children’s books celebrating local cultures or conducted research that provided valuable information to local communities.

A Focus on Critical Global Issues

While SIT programs are interdisciplinary and accessible to a wide variety of majors, each program focuses on an issue of critical global importance. Programs consider themes such as global health, the environment and climate change, development and the economy, migration and identity, and peace and human rights.

Commitment to Social Justice

SIT was founded on the idea that cultural exchange leads to positive social change. SIT prepares students to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals, and citizens. In so doing, SIT fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship.

Diverse Options for Programs

SIT Study Abroad offers a diverse range of programs to meet the needs of a broad undergraduate student body. Programs are open to every major and offer options in format, duration, setting, research project or internship, and language study.


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