Summer Innovation Labs

Beginning in summer 2015, SIT Study Abroad is expanding its programs to offer three new summer labs that examine a basic human need—water, shelter, and food security—from a 21st century perspective. Each lab is a four-week, credit-bearing program that is collaborative, project-based, and hands-on. 

As interdisciplinary programs with no prerequisites, the summer labs are designed to bring together students from different majors and backgrounds, with in-country stakeholders, to assess a basic human need using an intercultural and collaborative approach. This approach is grounded in the conviction that resilient, just, and sustaining solutions to the world’s human needs challenges require the ideas, collaboration, and input of a diversity of stakeholders— scholars, practitioners, grassroots leaders, community members, and others—representing different knowledge sources and lived experiences.

Food photo

Water photo.

View of Cape Town shelters

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