Online Programs

Virtual study abroad courses offer opportunities to gain international and intercultural education experiences for students who are unable to travel. SIT Study Abroad’s online courses provide cost-effective options for students to study pressing global issues, learn or strengthen language skills, and access to professional and academic networks around the world, no matter where they are located.

SIT offers summer and semester virtual language, internship, and seminar courses across the world, grounded in SIT’s tradition of experiential learning. Our high-quality, online courses are delivered by experienced national host staff based in more than 40 countries worldwide, with support from a team of experts in remote and distance learning.

SIT Study Abroad’s current online programming includes:

Online language courses, which provide opportunities to build and practice skills in critical languages, including Arabic and Hindi, as well as less commonly taught languages, such as Quechua and Tibetan, without ever leaving home. These courses are taught by native speakers based in the countries where these languages are spoken and feature small class sizes. In addition to language skills, you will also explore the local context and history of the language, and be immersed in the culture of the host country.

Virtual internships, which offer an opportunity to gain international and professional experience from anywhere in the world. These courses build on SIT’s years of experience running in-country internships and engage our extensive network of partners to provide internship opportunities with local and international organizations and firms in fields such as public health, social change, LGBTQ+ rights, sustainable development, human rights, diplomacy, conflict resolution, finance, and more. SIT’s virtual internship courses will help you gain experience in remote work, develop your international professional network, and build intercultural skills. Virtual internships offer the chance to do substantive, empowering tasks that will allow you to explore different career paths and enhance your resume.