*Fall 2020 | Winter/J-Term 2020-2021 New & Modified Programs

SIT has continued to make modifications to our program offerings for Fall 2020 and beyond. SIT is offering a small portfolio of 11 face-to-face immersive programs this fall, as well as virtual language and internship programs and immersive J-term programs.

The start date for SIT’s Fall 2020 term has been pushed back to September 14 and Winter/J-Term programs starting December 28. One fall program, Climate Change and the Arctic in Iceland, has an earlier start date.

Fall 2020 Immersive Programs (deadline to apply is Aug 1)

Fall 2020 Online Courses (deadline to apply is August 24) 

SIT will also be offering 3 credit online language programs from September 14 to November 15, 2020. Students will complete 5 contact hours per week during the 9-week course instruction period. Syllabi will be available soon. 

Fall 2020 Virtual Internship (deadline to apply is August 24*)

The following 12-week, 4 credit online internship programs will run from late August to late November 2020. Syllabi will be available soon.  

Fall 2020 Study USA Block Programs

The following 3-week programs offer students 3-credits each. The programs examine critical global issues and students can opt to take one or two blocks or all three. Students can combine an online language course with three blocks for full-time status.

January Term 2021 Abroad (deadline to apply is November 1)

The following 3-credit courses will be offered in-person abroad from December 28, 2020 to January 15, 2021.  Students enrolled in these experiential programs will engage in a wide range of field-based learning activities designed to provide comprehensive intercultural understanding and practical language acquisition. Students will live with homestay families and participate in educational excursions in and around the host community.