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Build a solid foundation of Hindi language skills through this immersive, in-country course in Jaipur, India.

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Dec 28 ‎– Jan 15

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Learning Hindi, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, provides opportunities to contribute to the growing connections between the U.S. and India and engage with the worldwide Indian diaspora. Through this program, you will develop practical Hindi language skills, as well as an appreciation of the culture and society in which it is embedded.  

After taking a language placement test, you will be placed into the appropriate level group for your Hindi studies. This intensive Hindi language course will introduce level-specific grammatical forms and essential vocabulary to establish a solid foundation in all four key language skill areas—listening, speaking, reading and writing. Daily instruction, practice sessions, and assignments will improve your ability to express yourself and engage in conversation in Hindi.  

While in Jaipur, India, this course will provide individualized instruction and opportunities to practice your language skills in real-world settings. You will also explore one of Jaipur’s local crafts, such as kite-making, block printing, or tie-dying fabric, to learn hands-on skills and related vocabulary, which you will share through a written paper and class presentation. 

SIT is also offering a supplementary online Hindi Language course during the fall semester. 


  • Build Hindi language skills with small group sessions and individualized tutoring.
  • Learn from native language teachers.
  • Live with a homestay family in Jaipur and learn about India’s diverse communities and cultures.
  • Explore a local craft and develop new skills and vocabulary through hands-on learning activities.


Through oral proficiency testing you will be placed in beginning, intermediate, or advanced classes.  

Program Sites

Jaipur, India

Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. It is a complex, sprawling city that is both traditional and modern. Housing our classrooms, library, and administrative offices, the Jaipur program center is located in a residential colony in the new part of Jaipur and provides an environment conducive to learning and comfort.  

While in Jaipur, you will have formal Hindi language classes, with grammar instruction, drills and conversation practice, and one-on-one tutoring. Field activities will provide opportunities to practice your language skills in real world settings and learn about your diverse host community. You will also build vocabulary and hands-on skills by exploring one of Jaipur’s well-known crafts, such as kite-making, food preservation, tie-dying fabric, or block printing, among others. You will write a short paper on your chosen craft and present it to the class.  

Please note that SIT will make every effort to maintain its programs as described. To respond to emergent situations, however, SIT may have to change or cancel programs.



The following syllabi are representative of this program. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term.

Please expand the sections below to see detailed course information, including course codes, credits, overviews, and syllabi.

Program Components

  • 45 class hours of intensive Hindi Language study
  • 15 hours of individualized tutoring and 15 hours of conversation practice
  • 10 hours of hands-on skill building and related language learning
  • Immersive learning enhanced by a language pledge
  • Homework, quizzes, and immersive learning activities

Beginning Hindi

Beginning Hindi – syllabus
(HIND 1503 J Term Course / 3 Credits)

This course introduces Hindi language in supporting and real-world environment to learn and apply. The 3 hours of instruction for 5 days of week will introduce the basics of the language, including grammar and prepares students for conversational situations outside the class-in the structured field exposures, craft-based language learning and homestay. The course begins with introduction to recognizing and pronouncing the sounds used in spoken Hindi and learning the characters used in written and spoken Hindi. Students will learn about common sentence patterns/structures,read and write basic sentences which allows them to understand, write and speak in a range of everyday situations while living in India. As the course progresses, students will work towards writing, listening and reading complex expressions. The course will help students understand and observe how cultural issues such as respect shown in relation to age, gender and other social factors in India influence the way Hindi is spoken and used in everyday life.A chosen craft learning and homestay becomes an immediate basis for such observation.

Students also sign a Hindi language pledge for the duration of the program.

Intermediate Hindi

Intermediate Hindi – syllabus
(HIND2003 – 2503 J Term Course / 3 Credits)

The course provides skills and knowledge for intermediate level of Hindi for listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students will deepen the vocabulary skills by exploring grammatically appropriate word formation. Intermediate learners are expected to initiate everyday conversation, so the focus is placed on vocabulary related to the general themes of culture, environment and development in contemporary India. Variety of texts and audio-visual materials from Bollywood films, newspaper articles, short stories,or poetry are used to develop students’ skills to read and understand long and complex Hindi sentences. Students will gain the ability to interact in a more meaningful way with the language speakers and navigate various cultural contexts. Field visits, homestay, and craft learning provides a space for students to continue learn and apply their language skills.

Students also sign a Hindi language pledge for the duration of the program.

Advanced Hindi

Advanced Hindi – syllabus
(HIND 3003 – 3503 J Term Course / 3 Credits)

The course taught in Jaipur, India, will advance reading, writing, listening and speaking in Hindi Language. Relevant grammatical topics will enable students to reinforce and build upon prior knowledge and to follow new topics easily. It focuses on; advance understanding of sentence structure, use of complex tenses, and extensive vocabulary integration. In addition, the course places concentration on the advancement of high-level literary aptitude, for students to read, discuss and draw meaning from Daily interaction, diverse texts and new media sources. Individualized and personal tutorial is given to students at the Advanced Hindi level, including an opportunity to learn a craft and the language around it.

Students also sign a Hindi language pledge for the duration of the program.


While in Jaipur you will live with a local homestay family.

Other accommodations include small boarding houses or hotels.

Faculty & Staff

India: Intensive Hindi Language (All Levels | J-Term)

Trilochan Pandey, MS
Anjani Sharma, MA
Language Faculty
Awadhesh Aadhar, MA
Program Coordinator
Rashmi Sharma, PhD
Language Faculty

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  • Cost & Financial Aid

    The tuition for this program is $2,848. You may be able to use financial aid from your home school, if applicable. Contact your study abroad, advising or financial aid office for more information. SIT Admissions is also available for questions.