Agroecology and Food Security in the Himalaya


Key expert facilitators for the program include:

Gautam Maila, Barefoot Adjunct Faculty

Gautam Maila is a farmer in the nearby village whose wisdom on agriculture is immense. He manages his farms with his wife and children and has conserved traditional varieties of food crops and vegetables. He has learned through trial and error and has deep understanding of traditional ecological knowledge. He loves to be in nature and is an experiment enthusiast. He has been associated with this program since 2017.

Pradip Saha, Adjunct Faculty

Pradip Saha is a development activist and an independent communication specialist and filmmaker in the area of environment and development. He worked with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, as an associate director, and edited India’s foremost environment and development journal Down to Earth. He is currently a freelancer and a founder of an independent company called Damage Control. He has served as adjunct faculty with this program since 2017.