Business in Ghana—Private Startups & Public Interest (Online | Abroad)

Explore the intersections between innovative private startups and public advocacy in one of Africa’s most vibrant democracies.

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None, but online component is required to enroll in the J-Term.

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Jul 13 ‎– Jul 31

In-Country J-Term (optional)

Dec 28 ‎– Jan 15

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Online, Accra, Ghana

Critical Global Issue of Study

Development & Inequality

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This course offers three weeks of online study and three weeks abroad. The online course is open to all applicants; the in-person J-term is open to college undergraduates who have completed the online term.

In Ghana, one of Africa’s leaders in free speech, a vibrant media shapes public discourse through education and critique of government. The advent of social media means that ordinary citizens with internet access complement this space by posting content through digital platforms. Digital platforms have also allowed entrepreneurs to create startups that expand the formal business sector. During the online course, you’ll examine the political, social, and economic uses of digital technology and analyze different types of media coverage and their impacts on local news cycles. Once in Ghana, you’ll investigate the intersections between public interest and private startups as you spend time in Accra and Cape Coast to understand how private startups function in different contexts.


  • Explore Ghana’s media ecosystem.
  • Engage with entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of social change. (J-term)
  • Examine some of the challenges faced by startups in different Ghanaian cities.
  • Visit some of Ghana’s foremost thinktanks, media houses, and historical sites. (J-term)


Students are required to complete summer online portion of this program before proceeding to the J-term.

Program Terms

Online Term Details

Participate in online discussions that revolve around the ways in which Ghanaians use digital technology for political, social, and economic purposes. Scrutinize the websites of private startups to critique their notions of context, audience, and purpose. Browse news stories from different media houses to understand the ways in which they shape the local news cycle. Explore the social media handles of different social media influencers in Ghana and chat with local Ghanaian students about general issues of interest.

In Country (J-term) Details

While in Ghana, you will tour media houses to gain firsthand perspective on the nature of their unique challenges. Travel to Cape Coast to explore how startups function within a different context. Spend time with entrepreneurs in Accra and visit sites that directly impact their work. Engage with journalists and sit in on content production sessions to gain in-person experience with their work.

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Program Components

  • Engage with social media pages and Ghanaian students and analyze websites during the online course.
  • Research a final project on a business case-study of your choosing. (J-term)
  • Take part in site visits, excursions, and interactions with journalists, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers. (J-term)
  • Compare the business and entrepreneurship contexts in Accra and Cape Coast. (J-term)

Private Startups and Public Interest I (Online)

Private Startups and Public Interest II (In Country)

Faculty & Staff

Ghana: Business in Ghana—Private Startups & Public Interest (Online | Abroad)

Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang, PhD

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    The cost for the online program is $960. The cost for the in-country term is $3,738, including tuition, room & board, health insurance, and more. Financial aid may apply. Contact your study abroad office or SIT Admissions for more information.