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Arts, Religion, and Social Change



Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf, PhD, Lecturer
Mohammed holds a BA in Islamic theology from the State Islamic University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; an MA in comparative religious studies from the Centre for Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia; an MA in conflict transformation from the Centre for Justice and Peace-building, Eastern Mennonite University, US, as a Fulbright grantee; and a PhD in public policy from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He trained in automated text analysis at Social Science Automation Inc., Ohio, US. He was an intern at the Search for Common Ground, US; a country representative at Asian Muslim Action Network; a peacebuilding trainer for Indonesian activists at Eastern Mennonite University; and an analyst for the Security Monitor Program at Victoria University. He studies how Islamist movements change in a democratic context and has facilitated interfaith programs. He is researching multi-religious coexistence in Indonesia.

Baskara T. Wardaya, PhD, Lecturer
Baskara is a professor of history at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He holds a master’s degree and a PhD in history from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He researches post-independence Indonesia, particularly the 1965 anti-communist purge and its international context and impact. He has published several books on the topic. Since 1998, he has conducted archival research in US libraries. As Fulbright Scholar in Residence at the University of California-Riverside (2011–2012) he did archival research at the Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan Libraries.

Siti Syamsiyatun, PhD, Lecturer
Siti earned her master’s degree in Islamic studies from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and her doctorate in politics from Monash University, Australia. She is associate director of the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies Yogya and a lecturer at State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga, where she is a member of the Center for Women’s Studies. From 2006 to 2008, she was director of the university’s International Office. In 2009, she was a Fellow of the Asian University Leader Program. In 2008, she was a Fulbright Visiting Specialist at the College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho. She specializes in Islamic and gender studies and teaches at ICRS-Yogya and UIN Sunan Kalijaga.

Olivier Pouillon, Lecturer
Olivier was an SIT Bali student in 1991. His Independent Study Project was on Bali’s public transportation system. Olivier worked for the Wisnu Foundation, Bali’s first locally established Indonesian environmental organization, from 1994 to 1998. He established the first professional waste management system on the island, PT Jimbaran Lestari, and Bali Recycling, the first fully licensed waste management, recycling, and hazardous waste processing facility in Bali. Olivier is married to an Indonesian woman and has two children.

Ir. Anak Agung Gde Raka Dalem, Lecturer
With a PhD (Tourism), Ir. (Food Tech. & Nutrition), M.Sc.(Hons) (Env. Sciences), Ir. Anak Agung Gde Raka Dalem is a lecturer at Udayana University Bali and vice chairperson of the Tourism Village Forum of Bali province, Indonesia. He is also the coordinator of international programs for Upskill Study Programs and a researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Tourism at Udayana University, Bali.