Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities



Ana Argotte, MA
Ana Argotte holds a BA in international affairs from the University of Nuevo Leon and a master’s degree in immigration and intercultural education from the University of Barcelona. She has received training on migratory studies at the Southern Border at the Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR). Ana has collaborated with the Citizens Council of the Mexican Immigration Authorities, the International Organization for Migration, the Mexican Commission for Refugees (COMAR) and the ECOSUR. She has also volunteered with the United Nations refugee agency as well as with other human rights organizations. She is currently based in Tapachula, Chiapas, where she continues to support different migrant organizations and shelters.

Mario Ortiz Gabriel, PhD
Mario is a professor of economy of migration, sociology, and research methods. He retired from the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociológicas of Oaxaca State University. His main area of research is the social and economic causes of migration in the Mixtect region of Oaxaca where he is originally from.

Mario López-Gopar, PhD
Mario is a professor at the Faculty of Languages of the Universidad Benito Juárez de Oaxaca, Mexico. His areas of expertise include critical research methodologies, indigenous identities, critical literacies, and postcolonial theory. He is the author of the book Decolonizing Primary English Language Teaching.

Linda Green, PhD
Linda is a professor of anthropology and the director of the Center for Latin America Studies at the University of Arizona. She has an MA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MPH from Johns Hopkins University. Areas of expertise include theory in anthropology, border issues, globalization, war and militarization, development, labor migration.

Wendy Monserrat López Juárez, PhD Candidate
Wendy is a PhD candidate in sciences and humanities for interdisciplinary development. She is co-founder of the Centro de Acompañamiento al Migrante (CAMINOs) and her areas of expertise includes the history of Mexico-USA migration, local and global migration, the Bracero Program, and the economy of migration.

Donato Ramos PioQuinto, MA
Donato is a professor of sociology, economics, and migration. He retired from the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociológicas at Oaxaca State University in 2014. His research has focused on migration from the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca to Los Angeles, California. He has also studied migration identities and the formation of transnational communities in Mexico and California. He has published several articles and books on Oaxacan migration, indigenous peoples in urban centers, and migrants’ social networks and transnational practices. Donato is native to the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca and he is fluent in Zapotec, the Indigenous language of the Northern region of the state.