Nepali Language (All Levels)

Build your Nepali language skills with a nine-week online course taught by experienced Nepali language instructors.

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Sep 14 ‎– Nov 15

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Online, Nepal

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This Nepali language program is designed to immerse you in Nepali language, culture, and food habits. Each interactive lesson builds your confidence and capacity to understand and speak the Nepali language. This nine-week online course is designed to combine both synchronous and asynchronous learning on grammar, sentence structure, and basic communication skills. Students who have a background in Nepali language will build on those skills to attain higher levels of speaking and comprehension.

In addition to this online course, SIT is also offering a three-week, supplementary, intensive Nepali Language J-term immersion program in Kathmandu, Nepal. 



  • Learn and practice Nepali with experienced teachers.
  • Make rapid progress developing speaking proficiency.
  • Small group classes in a dynamic learning environment.
  • Individualized attention and support.


Through oral proficiency testing you will be placed in beginning, intermediate, or advanced classes.



The following syllabi are representative of this program. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term.

Please expand the sections below to see detailed course information, including course codes, credits, overviews, and syllabi.

Program Components

  • 45 hours of online Nepali language study spread over nine weeks 
  • Daily homework, small group projects, and frequent quizzes
  • Oral proficiency tests at the beginning and end of each program, and midterm and final exams 

Course Information Coming Soon

Faculty & Staff

Nepal: Nepali Language (All Levels)

Suman Pant, PhD
Academic Director
Mina K. Rana
Language Director and Student Services Coordinator
Chandra Rana
Senior Language Instructor and Excursion Coordinator
Sanjib Kumar Pokhrel
Senior Language Instructor, Homestay Coordinator, and Librarian

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    The tuition for this online internship program is $1,080. Financial aid may apply. Contact your study abroad office or SIT Admissions for more information.