Program Visits

SIT Study Abroad programs are immersive, integrative, and based on experiential education. Students are asked to engage fully in the program at all times during the term, and schedules often change. Over years of experience, we have found that students are most successful in the program when they are actively engaged in the host community and participate in local activities. For these reasons, we respectfully request that all visitors plan to meet students after the program is over. After the program, students are able to show family and friends all that they have learned, know what they have already seen with the program, and engage with family and friends without detracting from their experience of the program.

Temporary Leave

Temporary leaves from the program are granted only in extreme circumstances and must be approved by the program’s academic director. Each program has its own travel policy based on the program schedule, safety and security regulations, and visa considerations; students are expected to adhere to program-specific travel policies.


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