IHP Trustees Fellows Employment

Each International Honors Programs (IHP) student group is accompanied by a trained Trustees’ Fellow. The Fellow’s main priorities are to support the safety and well-being of all IHP participants and to facilitate an inclusive learning community that is conducive to academic and personal growth.


Trustees’ Fellows serve as traveling facilitators for one of SIT Study Abroad’s comparative, theme-based study abroad programs. International Honors Programs are intellectually and academically rigorous, intensive, and immersive with regular movement between geographic and cultural contexts. Fellows closely collaborate with program management, traveling faculty, and in-country coordinators to successfully deliver IHP programs.

The Fellow role is designed to support the individual and collective well-being of the student group throughout the course of the semester. Towards that end, the Fellow acts variously as a group facilitator, communicator, mentor, educator, trip leader, and risk manager. Fellows collaborate with faculty and staff throughout the program to guide students in accessing resources and establishing the support systems they need to adjust to living, learning, and traveling abroad. This entails caring for students when they encounter difficulty and challenging students to move through discomfort, try new things, and ask better questions that deepen the learning experience of the program as a whole. Fellows are an indispensable part of each  program as they exist to help students take care of themselves and each other. 

Trustees’ Fellows will travel with the student group and accompany traveling faculty on one of the following programs for fall and/or spring academic semesters:

The responsibilities can be categorized as follows:

  • Support the physical safety and well-being of students on program
  • Engender a sense of belonging, community, and reciprocal responsibility among students
  • Manage organizational and logistical coordination and administrative reporting
  • Collaborate with program staff and in-country coordinators to deliver programs in-country
  • Attend the IHP June planning meeting prior to the start of the academic year
  • Attend pre-launch meetings at the launch site prior to program start

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience working with university students in a leadership capacity
  • Risk-management skills, basic knowledge of travel health and safety practices, and an ability to respond effectively to difficult situations
  • Effective communication, active listening, and facilitation skills for working with a diverse group of 30+ university-aged students in a physically and emotionally demanding cross-cultural setting
  • Ability to relate well and work collaboratively with a diverse team of co-workers
  • Experience living/working overseas or negotiating between cultures/norms
  • Cultural sensitivity, diplomacy, and an ability to adapt to new and challenging environments
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership and community- or team-building
  • Excellent record-keeping and reporting skills with an ability to organize, plan, and execute a variety of administrative and logistical tasks
  • The confidence, experience, and emotional maturity to assume a position of mentor and role model; willingness to make students’ learning and development the top priority; and the ability to maintain boundaries and confidentiality
  • Experience with crisis response

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Academic training, experience, and/or demonstrated interest in the program theme
  • Mental health and medical experience and background
  • CPR/first aid training/certification
  • Mental health first aid training/certification
  • Background or training facilitating conversations around identity, power, and privilege
  • Applicants with advanced degrees (in progress or completed) or other post-college experience are encouraged to apply
  • Preferential consideration will be given to alumni of SIT and IHP programs, as well as alumni of SIT Graduate Institute

Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Pay, Benefits, and Opportunities:

  • A Fellow working for one year (12-month fixed-term contract) will receive an annual salary including health, emergency, and travel insurance.
  • A Fellow working for a single semester (six-month fixed-term contract) will receive a salary and emergency and travel insurance.
  • IHP covers Fellows’ program-related travel expenses, including round-trip domestic travel to the June planning meeting in Vermont; meals and lodging during the June planning meeting; international flights to and from program countries; and transportation, lodging, meals, communication, and incidentals while on program.
  • Fellows benefit from a weeklong professional development training during the June planning meeting in Vermont.
  • Program itineraries are planned in advance by IHP in conjunction with the in-country coordinators, allowing Fellows to focus on facilitating student learning, managing group dynamics, and facilitating experiential learning and reflection.

When are Fellows expected to be available?

Fellows are required to be available during the IHP June Planning Meeting (June 8–18, 2018) prior to the start of the academic year.

Fellows are expected to arrive on site at the program launch city three to four days prior to the official start of the program and stay on-program until the official group flight departs from the final site at the close of the program.

Additionally, there is a significant amount of pre-program work required prior to the program start. This work begins slowly, about two to three months before the program's official start, and can involve a few hours a month spent on phone calls, paperwork processing and submission, and reading program materials. At the four- to six-week mark prior to the program start, the workload will pick up and Fellows can expect to spend a few hours each week in online training and conference calls, in conversation with program and travel staff, and preparing and processing student work. Two to three weeks prior to the official start of the program, Fellows can expect to spend about 20 hours or work a week consulting and advising students, preparing lesson plans and activities, and in conference calls and online training with program staff.  

Do Fellows get to choose their program?

Applicants may indicate their program preferences in the application.

Do I have to speak a foreign language to be considered?

Foreign language proficiency is not a requirement of the job, but many previous Fellows have spoken a foreign language. If you speak a language of one of the program countries, please note it in your application.

Do I have to have lived or experienced all the program countries?

No, but experience, knowledge, and/or genuine interest in learning about the country/culture is a plus.

Do my references need to provide recommendation letters?

No, please do not submit letters of recommendation with your application. Please list your references’ contact information and we will contact them during the interview stage of the selection process.

What is the student group like that Fellows travel with?

IHP student groups can range from 20-34 students and are often quite geographically, ethnically, ideologically, and financially diverse.  While a majority of students are U.S. American and studying at U.S. universities and colleges, this is not always the case. Students come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, most commonly in the social sciences, but share an interest in the program content and/or comparative study abroad approach.

IHP programs are rigorous and intense. What support do Fellows receive?

Fellows receive training and resources during the June Planning Meeting. Additionally, their program director and/or program manager is a point of contact and support while they are traveling. SIT Student Affairs is a major source of support in handling crises and emergencies that go beyond the scope of the Fellow.

What expenses are Fellows responsible for? What expenses does IHP cover?

Past Fellows have reported that they typically have very few expenses while on the program.  

IHP pays for all travel to and from the June Planning Meeting. IHP also pays for the Fellow’s travel to the program launch site at the start of the program, and travel home at the close of the program. Fellows will receive a daily stipend in local currency to cover day-to-day costs, including all meals and daily transit.

Expenses that Fellows are responsible for include: personal shopping, purchase of souvenirs, travel outside of the program sites (tourist sites, etc.), and personal bills/loan payments.

Where do Fellows stay during the June Planning Meeting?

Fellows stay at dorms on the SIT campus in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Where do Fellows stay during the programs?

Usually, the Fellow will stay in either a shared room or apartment with other program staff. Occasionally Fellows stay in dorms, hostels, hotels, and/or with homestay families.  Much depends on the location and corresponding cultural norms.

Can I have family/friends visit me while on program?

Due to the rigorous nature of both the role and programs, past IHP students and staff have found it difficult to host family and friends while the program is in session.

Fellows should be sure that relatives and friends understand the difficulty of mid-semester/vacation visits, and should plan for travel after the formal conclusion of the program.

For programs concluding outside of the United States, may stay in the country after the end of the program?

Fellows are responsible for ensuring that all students travelling on the official group flight are checked-in and through immigration. Once this group flight departs, Fellows are released from their student support role and are responsible for their own expenses (i.e. travel, accommodation, meals). 

While IHP covers the cost for the Fellow to return to their home city, any additional costs related to change of flights/locations will be the responsibility of the Fellow.

Applications are accepted beginning in January for the upcoming academic year.

Please refer to the World Learning employment page for the full job description and application instructions.