Contact a Former Student

SIT Study Abroad is fortunate to have an excellent network of alumni available to speak with prospective and admitted students. Topics range from program selection, Independent Study Projects, and pre-departure preparation. Alumni love talking about their experience and serve as an outstanding resource to students contemplating studying abroad, newly enrolled students, and those already studying in-country.

The extensive network of SIT alumni mentors contribute to the success of current and future SIT students. We urge prospective applicants as well as current SIT students to contact these wonderful volunteers. Alumni contacts are available via e-mail and have generally participated in the program within the previous three semesters.

Please keep in mind, however, that program curricula, excursions, and other program components can vary depending on the semester; each mentor speaks from his or her own unique experience. While past participants usually offer exceptional insight and advice, we ask that you contact the staff in the SIT Study Abroad office in Vermont for the facts and guarantees pertaining to current programs.

We do not yet have contacts for all programs, but additional contacts are continually being added. In the meantime, if you wish to contact alumni from a program not listed, please contact our office at, and we'll be happy to arrange a contact for you.

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