IHP Travel Link

Applications Due October 22!

SIT understands that there are real costs involved in studying abroad. Airfare is one of those costs. As spring 2022 kicks off the re-launch of our IHP programs, SIT is offering 10 $500 IHP Travel Link need-based grants to students, specifically to assist in funding international airfare to and from the United States or other points of departure/arrival. These grants will be awarded directly to the student prior to the start of the IHP program. SIT will require limited grant stipulations.

How it works

Students who are admitted to an IHP program and who qualify for need-based scholarships as evidenced in their scholarship application may apply. Once an IHP student’s general scholarship application is complete (SIT has their FAFSA and the Financial Needs Form submitted from their school), the student will be sent a brief IHP Travel Link grant application with a short essay question, due to SIT by October 22. Award notifications will be sent on October 29.  Students may be eligible for additional scholarships through SIT in addition to the IHP Travel Link grant. Some schools may prefer that their students apply only to standard SIT scholarships due to unique financial aid specifications. Please check with your school.

Once a student selects their interest in applying for SIT need-based scholarships as part of the program application, the student will be prompted with further general scholarship application instructions. Please send questions to: studyabroad.scholarships@sit.edu