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The university relations department serves as SIT Study Abroad’s primary liaison to colleges and universities. Based across the country, members of the department regularly visit home campuses to meet with students, administrators, and faculty; conduct information, pre-departure, and re-entry sessions; and help coordinate visits by other SIT staff and/or faculty. We work every day to enhance institutional collaboration with home colleges and universities.

You can reach SIT’s university relations staff by contacting the SIT switchboard at 888.272.7881. For emergencies after hours, please call 888.272.7881 or 802.258.3212. You will be connected with an on-call SIT Study Abroad staff member, or a staff member will return your call immediately.

SIT’s director of university relations, Marianne Jorgensen, can be reached at 802.258.3235 ( Betsy Judson, university relations coordinator, can be reached at 802.258.3289 ( Marianne and Betsy are located at SIT’s headquarters in Brattleboro, Vermont.

You may also contact the university relations manager assigned to your region, at any time.

For contact information on your university relations manager, please click on your region.

Map of SIT Study Abroad university relations regions in the United States West Coast region: Eowyn GreenoWest Coast region: Eowyn GreenoWest Coast region: Eowyn GreenoSouthwest region: Blake HartSouthwest region: Blake HartMidwest region: Benjamin EfirdMidwest region: Benjamin EfirdSoutheast region: Mory PagelSoutheast region: Mory PagelMid Atlantic region: Jennifer KloesMid Atlantic region: Jennifer KloesNew England region: Wanda DuttonGreat Lakes region: Louis BerendsGreat Lakes region: Louis BerendsInquiries from outside the US: Marianne JorgensenWest Coast region: Eowyn Greeno

University Relations staff Region
Marianne Jorgensen, Director Non-US colleges and universities
Karen Kray, Assistant Director Based in Brattleboro, VT
Betsy Judson, Coordinator Based in Brattleboro, VT
Louis Berends, Manager Great Lakes Region
Wanda Dutton, Manager New England Region
Benjamin Efird, Manager Midwest Region
Eowyn Greeno, Manager West Coast Region
Blake Hart, Manager Southwest Region
Jennifer Kloes, Manager Mid-Atlantic Region
Mory Pagel, Manager Southeast Region

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