Brazil: Sports, Youth, and Social Justice (Summer)

This new summer program, centered on the 2014 soccer World Cup, invites students to examine the relationships between sports, youth, and social justice in Fortaleza, Brazil, where SIT has run academic study abroad programs for two decades. The six-week program will take place during the World Cup soccer games in Fortaleza.

Through classes and a range of experiential activities, students will explore the potential relationship between sports and social justice for Brazilian youth. They will learn about Brazil’s struggle for social equity, the position of youth in different movements to create a more just society, and how sports have provided a key strategy for engaging young people in Fortaleza.

Engage with local experts.
The program capitalizes on the expertise of our local faculty and staff in the area of social justice as well as their long-term relationships with social justice movements at the local, state, and national levels. Students will participate in experiential activities with NGOs working with youth on social justice themes.

Study social justice and Portuguese.
The program offers a core seminar entitled Soccer, Youth, and Social Justice in Brazil. This seminar will provide students with background on historical and current struggles for social equity in Brazil. Students will study the role of soccer in Brazilian culture and focus on how young people are thinking about the 2014 World Cup games. In addition, students will consider how sports can provide a way for young soccer players and fans to work on social justice issues.

Students will also study Portuguese. Students of all levels — including beginners — can learn or advance their skills through the program's intensive language component. Language instruction is offered at three distinct levels and yields three academic credits.

Become immersed in Brazilian culture and sports.
The program will include attendance at a quarter finals match and at a World Cup game in Fortaleza on July 4. Students will also interact with local soccer clubs and youth players from diverse backgrounds. All students will live with a local family and participate in a weekend excursion to another site.

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Credits: 6

Duration: 6 weeks

Program Base: Fortaleza

Language Study: Portuguese

Prerequisites: None

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