Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media

"SIT's Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program has been a life-learning experience I will never forget. The program takes the focused, hardworking aspiring journalist and molds them into an independent foreign correspondent ready to tackle complex issues and write amazing stories. Even as a public relations major, I have learned so much about Morocco and gained a deep insight into a journalist's life."

—Antinnea Skipwith, Temple University

Advance your skills in journalism by studying under the expert guidance of professional journalists in an international environment. Learn from leading Moroccan scholars and experts in fields ranging from politics to art and culture.

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Maddy Crowell, a senior at Carleton College, studied on this program in fall 2012. The following summer, she worked for the Daily Guide newspaper in Ghana alongside a Ghanaian journalist. Here, Maddy reflects on her experiences reporting in Africa.

This program provides students with an exciting opportunity to learn foreign reporting under the supervision of veteran journalists. Based in the bustling capital of Rabat, the program creates the flavor of a working newsroom with students engaged in ongoing reporting assignments in their preferred media format — print, video, audio, photography, and/or multimedia. Students learn from leading Moroccan scholars and academics about all aspects of Moroccan society, politics, and culture.

The focus of the program is on gathering, analyzing, and crafting a major feature story, which has the possibility of being placed in a US media outlet. This program briefly reviews the basics of doing journalism but is primarily an opportunity for students to practice doing journalism in the field in a different cultural context. Students from a variety of majors are encouraged to apply. Excellent writing and/or photo ability and a strong interest in journalism are a plus.

The program is run in partnership with Mary Stucky, co-founder of and lead journalist at Round Earth Media, one of the most successful and highly respected news organizations in media today. Mary Stucky has vast experience mentoring young, independent reporters. Students receive hands-on mentorship from experienced Round Earth Media reporters, editors, photojournalists, and filmmakers as well as prominent Moroccan journalists.

Student feature stories — produced during the program’s independent study period — will be considered for publication (print, broadcast, or online) under the student’s byline. Students with intermediate high or advanced French or Arabic may be able to submit their stories to Moroccan media outlets in the target language.

The curriculum focuses on critical methodologies necessary for careers in journalism, skills that are also applicable to other fields. Students develop skills such as:

  • Identifying original stories and determining newsworthiness
  • Conducting interviews in an unfamiliar country and culture
  • Researching topics
  • Finding sources and gaining their trust
  • Utilizing technology in remote locations
  • Reporting in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of journalism
  • Developing techniques for executing an original, well-researched feature story, film, or photo essay of interest to a global audience

While focusing on their journalism coursework, students experience Moroccan culture and daily life. Students live with local host families, study Arabic or advanced French, and interact with Moroccan peers.

Learn from veteran professionals affiliated with Round Earth Media.
Based in the United States, Round Earth Media works with early-career journalists to produce stories from around the globe, placed in top-tier media in the US and also in the countries where the stories are being reported. To produce these stories, Round Earth Media pairs US journalists with journalists in-country to work in partnership, mentored by Round Earth Media’s veteran, award-winning reporters, photographers, and editors. Round Earth Media has built its reputation on covering underreported issues in areas that the mainstream media no longer has the resources or inclination to cover. SIT’s partnership with Mary Stucky of Round Earth Media makes the Morocco semester unique among journalism programs worldwide. Read more about the program on Mary Stucky’s blog.

Published pieces by students include:




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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Rabat

Language Study: Arabic,  French

Prerequisites: Coursework in writing, journalism, or related fields.


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