Ireland: Transformation of Social and Political Conflict

"We helped activists clean up their solidarity camp in Kilcommon, participated in a sustainability conference at Corrymeela, and listened to the Revered Ian Paisley preach from his towering pulpit at the Free Presbyterian Church. We sat in on a committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly, met the Quinn family and toured Shankhill Road. Each of these experiences allowed me to understand our classroom theories in the context of real life situations and to develop my emerging field study skills."

-- Jayce Hafner, Hendrix College

Work with leading practitioners of peacebuilding and learn about the theory and practice of conflict transformation in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

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Students live, study, and travel in two countries with two separate social and political systems but which share a physical and historical space. Both countries face new challenges that highlight old colonial patterns.

Students explore social and political conflict issues including questions of identity, links between social exclusion and violence, the creation of civil society, issues of social justice and human rights, truth recovery, and sustainable peace.

Stories from activists and community leaders connect students to the realities of violence and the possibilities of transformation.

Program excursions around the island—which include hiking in remote areas in Wicklow, Mayo, Aran, and Armagh—enable students to experience the beauty and variety of landscape and connect to a mythic sense of place.

Lecturers and program partners
Lecturers are drawn from Trinity College, University College Dublin, Queen's University Belfast, and the University of Ulster. Students also have the opportunity to meet and attend workshops given by practitioners recognized internationally for their work in developing progressive models of peacebuilding and with people whose life stories exemplify transformation and reconciliation.

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Dublin

Prerequisites: None. Coursework in and/or personal commitment to peace and conflict studies is strongly recommended. Read more...

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