Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity

Congratulations on your upcoming term with SIT Study Abroad. As you prepare for your program, please read the important predeparture information below. Review the Student Handbook and carry a copy with you to the program.

International Flight Information (PDF)

How to prepare for your international travel, including where to meet your group upon arrival.

Passport and Visa Documents (PDF)

Passport and visa information

Country Overview (PDF)

General Information; Climate and Geography; Diet; Homestays; Other Accommodations; Transportation; Money; Communication; Visitors and Free Time

Safety, Security, and Health (PDF)

Safety and Security; US State Department; Health Guidelines and Requirements; General Health Tips; WHO Card; Insurance; Emergency Communication

Packing Guidelines (PDF)

Luggage; Clothing Guidelines; Equipment; Computers and other Electronics; Gifts; Suggested Packing List; What You Can and Cannot Obtain in Country

Readings, Assignments, and Resources

Required Readings and Assignments; Recommended Readings; Internet Resources; Other Resources

Health Guidelines and Requirements (PDF)

Health Guidelines and Requirements

Student Handbook (PDF)

Student Rights and Responsibilities; Health, Safety, and Risk Management; Academic Affairs; General Policies; Financial Matters; SIT Services; SIT and World Learning Programs

Contact a Former Student

Contact information for previous students

If You Need Assistance

Note: If you have difficulty accessing these files, email us at or call (888) 272-7881.