IHP Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Fall)

Letters Home

The Letters Home are written by students on this program, with help from the Trustees Fellow, at the end of each country program. Letters from the current academic year can be found at the Letters Home blog. You can read past letters through the links below. We hope you enjoy reading about our students’ experiences!

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Fall 2012 Letters

Dear family and friends,
Greetings from South Africa—we write to you here with some reflections on our time in China. Our month there was split between the bustling national capital of Beijing and the charming city of Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province. Here are a few moments from our experience.
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Dear Friends and Family of IHP,
We write to you from our last days in India. As we leave this country, we will remember the lessons it has taught us, the relationships we’ve made, and the beautiful sights we have seen. These are some snapshots of our five weeks in India, through the eyes of the IHP students.
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Washington, DC, USA
Greetings from the fall 2012 IHP Health & Community program! We’ve recently completed a ten day stint in Washington, DC where we started with program orientation activities and dove into the four program classes led by faculty members Karen Straight and Sara Ardila. Our students, faculty, and fellow were inspired and challenged by a complementary program of speakers, site visits, and panels put together by the DC coordinator, Jeremy Ogusky.
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Fall 2011 Letters

Greetings from Switzerland! While our visit here quickly comes to a close, we have been reflecting on all the wonderful opportunities that we have been afforded in the past two weeks. We have been warmly welcomed here by the Country Coordinator, Caroline Stierle-Werz, who oriented us to Basel, our home base, and gave us our first lesson in Swiss health care.  She also welcomed us to her workplace at a telemedicine clinic where patients can call in and receive advice from doctors without making office trips.
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This letter begins with a greeting in Malayalam, the language of Kerala state in India, where we have been for the past four weeks. As we prepare to leave God's own country - as Kerala is commonly known - we have much to look back on and be thankful for. Upon arrival, the India Country Coordinator, Dr. Vijayakumar, and his team from Health Action by People (HAP) warmly welcomed us. We were overwhelmed by their hospitality providing a delicious welcome dinner, escorting us to the annual Onam festival and taking us to a local beach in the first few days.  We were particularly grateful for the sim card starter packs that ensured we had telephone contact almost immediately with our families, loved ones and with each other.
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Nín hǎo!
Our whirlwind tour of bustling, prosperous China began in the capital, Beijing. The hazy skies, reminiscent of turn of the century London, foretold the stunning economic development we would witness. From the Forbidden City to the Great Wall, we were quickly immersed in the deep history of our new surroundings with the help of our deft coordinator, Zhang Chengping, and the captivating visiting Boston University Professor Laura Sabin.
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South Africa
After a three day odyssey, culminating in an overnight train from Changsha to Hong Kong and a flight to Dubai, we finally arrived sleepily, but very much excited for the last leg of our semester! We were immediately struck by the sheer beauty of Cape Town – Table Mountain and Signal Hill looming over Cape Harbor, almost as if protecting the city from the rest of the continent. We spent a few nights adjusting to our new home and then we traveled to Zwelethemba, a traditional-black township about two hours outside the city. After two weeks in the tight-knit community we headed back to Cape Town and into the Bo Kaap for the end of our classes and our last homestay. Then finally the semester was almost over and travel to High Africa, a rural picturesque resort to reflect on all that we accomplished this semester. 
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