Nepal: Development and Social Change



Students on the program enjoy living with a host family in Kathmandu for six weeks, during which time they share daily activities with their host families and have the opportunity to observe and participate in several important festivals. Through the homestay, students have an opportunity to practice language skills and also learn local manners, customs, and traditions. The homestay is often considered one of the highlights of the program, and students often become very close with their homestay family.

Homestay placements are arranged by a local homestay coordinator who screens and approves each family. Families vary in occupational, educational, and economic levels and live fairly close to our program center — between 20 and 35 minutes walking. Families include one or more adults and may or may not include children.

On the longer excursion to the Himalayas, students participate in a village homestay. This is a unique opportunity for students to better understand the lifestyle experienced by a majority of Nepal’s population by participating in the daily activities involved in rural livelihoods.

Other accommodations during the program include guest houses or small hotels.

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Kathmandu

Language Study: Nepali

Prerequisites: None


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