Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media

Students experience everyday life in Morocco and improve language skills by living with local host families. The program’s two very different homestay experiences — in Rabat and a small village — reveal the enormous contrast between life in urban and rural Morocco.

Rabat homestay
Students live with local families in Rabat’s 17th-century medina for seven weeks. Accompanied by their host family, students may shop in the souk, visit local cafés, and take bread to the neighborhood faran (local bakery). They may also visit the hammam (Moroccan public bath). Homestays provide an opportunity to participate in family events such as weddings, newborn naming ceremonies, and community soccer matches.

The homestay in Rabat is coordinated by the program's host institution, the Center for Cross Cultural Learning, which has been working with Moroccan homestay families for more than a decade.

Village homestay
Students live with Moroccan families in an inland village near Oulmes for five to six days. During the time in the village, students meet in discussion groups with rural youth to debate such topics as education, employment, and prospects for the future. As they experience Moroccan daily life far from the coast, students acquire a stronger sense of rural gender dynamics, as well as many of the development challenges faced by rural Moroccan communities.

Visit the program’s blog to learn more about the rural homestay through the words and photos of spring 2012 students.

Other accommodations during the program could include hostels or small hotels.

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Rabat

Language Study: Arabic,  French

Prerequisites: Coursework in writing, journalism, or related fields.

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