Morocco: Arabic Language and Community Service (Summer)


Students with host families

Live with Moroccan host families.

Rabat: immersion in the city’s historic medina
Each student lives for six weeks with a Moroccan family in Rabat. The family is the center of life in Morocco, and most activities take place in the private sphere. As mealtimes are very important in Morocco, the program’s schedule allows students to share most lunches and dinners with their host families.

All host families live in Rabat’s centuries-old medina where most homes are in the Andalusian style, incorporating a courtyard and shared bathroom. Host families live as part of a larger community; most residents know everyone within that shared community, and students quickly become a part of the neighborhood’s communal life and are greeted by neighbors and shopkeepers.

Through interactions and shared experiences with members of their host family, students become better accustomed to the sounds, tones, and gestures of Arabic. They also experience Moroccan multilingualism, as many Moroccans commonly speak two or more languages.

Village stay
Students experience a short homestay with a traditional Moroccan family in a village in the area of Ouezzane. During their stay, students complete a community service project with a local NGO; go shopping in the local souk accompanied by their Arabic instructors; and learn about weaving, Moroccan costumes, and Sufism. These activities give students the opportunity to practice their Arabic in new contexts.

The program usually concludes with a festive farewell dinner featuring a live musical performance to thank the host families.

Costs Dates

Credits: 9

Duration: 7 weeks

Program Base: Rabat

Language Study: Arabic

Prerequisites: None


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