India: Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Practices (Summer)


Live with an Indian family using traditional healthcare systems.

Students spend one week of the program living with a carefully selected host family in rural Nainital, Uttarakhand. Typically, two or three students are placed with one family.

Most host families have lived in the same place for generations and, in some cases, for centuries. Host families are typically middle class but vary in size and religious background. A majority of host families have multiple generations living under one roof and are typically located in residential areas.

In addition to being an excellent opportunity to practice language skills, the homestay also gives students the chance to intimately observe and participate in the culture and daily life of the local rural communities in the Himalaya. Students may also experience special cultural activities, such as religious ceremonies and weddings, in addition to sharing many memorable meals.

Other Accommodations
Students will stay in an NGO guest house in Palampur; a guest house in Rishikesh and Dharamsala; and in a hotel in Delhi during the orientation and concluding periods.

Costs Dates

Credits: 8

Duration: 6 weeks

Program Base: New Delhi

Prerequisites: None


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