Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change


Homestays help students understand the realities of living in a particular country and serve as an invaluable tool for language development and cultural immersion. The Czech Republic program includes two homestays: one in the capital city of Prague, and one with NGOs and families in the rural villages of Moravia or Bohemia. These homestay experiences allow students to observe diverse living conditions and social realities while also broadening their understanding of the country's communist history and the post-socialist transition.

Other accommodations during the program include hostels or small hotels, private homes, and arts and NGO centers.

Prague homestay
Students live with families in Prague (both urban and suburban areas) for eight weeks in order to experience the Czech lifestyle, culture and language. Families are chosen based on their interest in the program theme, and many are affiliated with the Prague arts scene as artists or social activists. Students often cite their homestay experiences in Prague as the highlight of their semester, and relationships between host families and students often last long after the program's conclusion. Students conducting their ISP in Prague remain in their Prague homestays for 12 weeks. Those conducting ISPs in other locations are also placed in homestays or accommodations of local organizations. 

Bohemia/Moravia homestay
As part of their one-week educational excursion to rural towns and villages in Bohemia or Moravia, students live with local families or at NGO facilities. Students interact with NGOs and arts centers and learn about the challenges to social and economic development in the former Sudetenland of Bohemia, in regional industrial centers, or historic towns such as Olomouc and Brno. This regional experience exposes students to grass-roots social initiatives and arts projects outside of Prague.

"The homestay was easily the best part of the program. My host family members were angels and I believe these feelings of friendship and love were reciprocal. They welcomed me whole-heartedly but also gave me alone time when I needed it."

-- --SIT Study Abroad Czech Republic program alumna


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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Prague

Language Study: Czech

Prerequisites: For visual arts, photography, and dance studio work, background in the area of study is required. Students enrolling in creative writing must be majors or minors in writing. For all students, previous survey courses in European history or arts history are recommended, but not required. Read more...

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